5 Awesome Linux apps

In this story, I’ll discuss my favorite Linux apps. I use Linux as my primary Operating System. In my daily life, I use some of the apps frequently which helps me a lot and makes my work easier. So, Let’s get into the topic.

1. Stacer

Stacer is a great utility for managing your Linux. It has a wide range of features that makes Linux experience easy. It has System Cleaner, Service Monitor, Startup Applications Manager, Process Manager, Uninstaller, Repository Manager, and many more.

For the installation, Follow the installation procedure from the below link :

2. Flameshot

Flameshot is a useful utility for taking screenshots. Using flameshot, We can take screenshot of the selected area and we can edit the picture once we capture the screenshot.

You can download flameshot from the below link :

3. Obsidian

Obsidian is my favorite app for taking notes. Obsidian is the best app for taking notes. It uses Markdown (MD) language. We can include images, scripts, and code in our notes which makes our notes more readable. and also we can store our notes in a folder hierarchy manner which makes accessing notes easier.

Download from the below link :

4. ProtonVPN

There are many good VPNs out there. But, I like ProtonVPN among all of them. Because, it is free, simple, and secure.

Download from the below Link :

5. OBS and Kazam

OBS and Kazam both are great apps for screen recording. OBS has extra functionalities like live stream, virtual camera feature. Kazam is a lightweight screen recorder.

OBS Download Link :

Kazam Download Link :

Thank you for reading my post. Hope you like the mentioned apps … :)



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